Tapered Baguettes


Tapered baguettes are a form of polishing that evolved in accordance with long rough diamonds that are uneven at both ends – one end is wide and the other end is narrowing, and their appearance is pointed as a wedge, hence the name “taper.”

Unlike other long diamonds, such as straight baguettes with two equal sides, tapers are more suitable for larger diamonds.  The surface of the taper is a step-by-step polishing, similar to the polishing of a baguette diamond.
With the development of the fission industry in the 1960s and 1970s, the production of tapers expanded.  At the same time, new possibilities were opened for embedding jewelry by creating special forms, and demand for the tapers was increasing all over the world, especially in the Far Eastern markets.

In the seventies and eighties, Israel was the largest center in the world for the production of diamond polishing tapers.  When using tapered baguettes as side stones, there is no general rule for the correct proportions in comparison to the center stone, it really depends on the design you’re interested in creating.