The Emerald cut diamond derives it’s name from the emerald polishing – it was originally developed for emerald gem stones, hence its name, but is also very suitable for other stones, including diamonds.

Emerald polishing, despite the absence of glittering brilliance, was always popular. It is characterized by long lines and subtle elegance. Most of the diamonds are rectangular or square emerald, producing dramatic and glittering sparkles of light in the effect of a mirrored room. The nature of the polishing emphasizes the cleanliness and lack of defects of the stone. However, in light of its large size, every defect is visible. The ideal length ratios for emerald polishing diamonds are 1.5: 1 or 1.75: 1.

The facets of the polishing are larger than the traditional emerald cut and are made in stages parallel to the edges of the diamond, and usually extend along the length and width of the stone. The polishing is characterized by symmetry, a deep pavilion and a high upper part.

While polishing helps to enhance the natural brilliance of the diamond, its relatively large side pieces will accentuate stone defects, and therefore this polishing is particularly suitable for high purity diamonds.

As side stones, Emeralds are most often used to accent a center emerald cut diamond and colored gemstones.  The height of the side emerald is usually about 70-80% of the height of the center stone.